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Over the past few years, the landscape of selling goods has undergone a significant transformation. The rise of the Internet has given birth to a new era of business and sales. As cities expand and commuting experiences changes, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. We connect with others, even those we haven’t met in person, and share various aspects of our lives on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other virtual communities.

The addiction to social media is undeniable, with many individuals checking their social media feeds first thing in the morning. The number of likes and comments holds considerable importance, shaping our sense of satisfaction. Recognizing the significance of social media, businesses are actively engaging in these platforms to showcase their products and services. In turn, potential customers can explore offerings, assess others’ experiences, and make informed decisions.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing involves the strategic promotion of products or services to a target audience on social media platforms. Key players in this space include Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various virtual communities. The goal is to effectively introduce goods or services within these virtual spaces and attract potential customers.

Methods for Attracting Customers on Social Media

Share Customer Satisfaction: Demonstrate positive customer experiences to establish the quality of your product.

Showcase Improvement in Customer’s Life: Illustrate how customers can enhance their lives by using your product.

Provide Information and Solutions: Address potential customers’ needs by offering valuable information and solutions related to your products.

Educate on Product Usage: Guide potential customers on how to use your product effectively.

Explain Your Services: Clearly articulate your services to persuade customers to choose your business.

Create Entertaining Content: Engage customers through entertaining content, increasing visibility and interaction.

Introduce Access Methods: Clearly outline how customers can access your products or services.

Develop Creative Product Content: Showcase your product creatively, highlighting its advantages over competitors.

Share Latest News: Keep customers informed by sharing the latest updates and news related to your business.

Any of the mentioned methods can serve as the focal point for your advertising or marketing campaigns, ultimately driving sales.

Features of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is akin to a daily job. Content created several years ago, regardless of its quality or cost, may go unnoticed today. Consistent content creation and sharing are essential, as neglecting these activities can result in diminished visibility and the potential loss of followers.

Creating content for social media requires both time and financial investment. Content must be not only creative but also capable of satisfying viewers; otherwise, your efforts may backfire, leading to a decline in followers.

Duties of a Social Media Marketer

Selecting a specific social media platform and focusing on it is crucial. If budget constraints exist, consider establishing an in-house social media marketing team or outsourcing to specialized companies. Before entering into an agreement with external companies, ensure they understand your business thoroughly. Questions about your products, supply chain, and customer services should be addressed to convey your message effectively.

The social media marketing unit is responsible for creating diverse content, including photos, videos, music, and written material, designed to evoke responses from viewers. This multifaceted content creation process involves producing photos, converting them into videos, adding written content, selecting suitable music, and timing its presentation to capture viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

Is the Cost of Social Media Marketing Profitable?

In a competitive landscape, attracting more customers is essential for profitability and covering operational costs. Establishing a social media marketing unit is a fundamental requirement for any business. However, its efforts should be targeted to ensure that the expenses incurred for content production result in increased profits.

In conclusion, social media marketing is a dynamic and essential aspect of modern business. The continuously evolving nature of social media requires businesses to adapt and invest in creating valuable and engaging content. By staying informed about the latest trends and consistently producing relevant content, businesses can harness the power of social media to achieve lasting success.

Why has the cost of social media marketing increased? 

When there are more producers than consumers, profit should be reduced and quality should be increased. This causes the destruction of small producers, because they do not have enough resources to compete, they have to give up the market.
What happened on Instagram is similar to this, content production has increased so much that content with low value is no longer seen.
You need to spend money, know the right ways to advertise so that you can produce content that visitors approve of. The visitor may see the generated content and like it, but not like it! Because likes are worth it! He may like your profile page but not follow, because the follower has gained value!
How are you going to compete in this market if you don’t have the evaluation parameters.

Why has social media gained value in businesses?

Google search engine, white and simple page, without special design, but it is the most visited page in the world. You search for goods, services, knowledge, music and thousands of topics in search engines. Without a search engine, the Internet would be like a city without an address.
Since social media has entered a new phase, it has taken over a part of the search engine function. That is, the user may search for the desired product or service in social media.
So, in a way, it can be said that social media also performs the work of a search engine, with the difference that it can probably provide you with more visual information, but in any case, it cannot take the place of a search engine for you, because it is like a light that lights up the whole room.
It does not, but it shows us a part of it.

How can we optimize the cost of content production in social media?

This question can be very subtle, its answer is simple and its implementation is very complicated.
That is, I want to say that if you are reading this article, you may get answers, but its implementation can be very complicated. If you want your back not to break under the costs of content production and not be in the bind of liking the audience, you must implement a complex program.
The website is your answer…
Creating a website is your solution, I can say with the greatest certainty that if your content is valuable or if you produce valuable content, you can use the content on the site. Finally, the search engines will understand the value of your content and that’s when I can say that the fish has bitten the hook.
You haven’t just spent, you’ve invested, and now it’s time to reap. So, if you think that the social media marketing unit is only responsible for providing social media feed, you are wrong, they must generate ideas within the framework of the site so that your content can survive for years and generate value for you. Because your posts will not be displayed after some time, but the content shared on the site will always be displayed through search engines.

How to use social media to strengthen the site?

Create suitable content for production and publication on the site and social media and share the content in a dual way.
In social media, use the necessary tags for the site to be seen.
Guide the customer to the site to buy and get more information.
Answer users’ questions and post comprehensive information on the site.

How to use the site to become powerful in social media?

Put the social media link on the site Guide the customer who can get information about you from the site and social media at the same time.

Last word:

I applaud you for considering starting or enhancing your social media marketing today. Know that there is a difference between high-view content and valuable content, and you need to be able to combine the two. Do not use people with less experience in your marketing management because you will be a victim of their inexperience and you yourself have caused it, put them under the hands of experienced people to grow. Pay for social media marketing and share and evaluate the results with your sales department every month, use managers to generate monthly and standardized reports for you so that you can make better decisions. Don’t be afraid of remote working of your staff and let your organization coordinate with remote working and thus you can reduce your costs. Focus on the topic of the website, the website is like a tree that if planted correctly can be profitable for years. The produced content, which is provided to you in brief, is only a part of our twenty years of experience in this field. We can help you to take effective steps for your progress.

Ինչ է սոցիալական մեդիայի մարքեթինգը և ինչպես կարող եք սկսել պլանավորումը
Վերջին մի քանի տարիների ընթացքում ապրանքների վաճառքի լանդշաֆտը զգալի վերափոխման է ենթարկվել։ Համացանցի վերելքը ծնեց բիզնեսի և վաճառքի նոր դարաշրջան: Քանի որ քաղաքներն ընդարձակվում են, և փոխվում է ճանապարհորդության փորձը, սոցիալական մեդիան դարձել է մեր առօրյա կյանքի անբաժանելի մասը: Մենք կապվում ենք ուրիշների հետ, նույնիսկ նրանց, ում մենք անձամբ չենք հանդիպել, և կիսվում ենք մեր կյանքի տարբեր ասպեկտներով այնպիսի հարթակներում, ինչպիսիք են Instagram-ը, TikTok-ը, Facebook-ը, LinkedIn-ը և այլ վիրտուալ համայնքներ:



Что такое маркетинг в социальных сетях и с чего начать планировать
За последние несколько лет сфера продаж товаров претерпела существенные изменения. Развитие Интернета породило новую эру бизнеса и продаж. По мере расширения городов и изменения условий поездок на работу, социальные сети стали неотъемлемой частью нашей повседневной жизни. Мы общаемся с другими людьми, даже с теми, с кем не встречались лично, и делимся различными аспектами нашей жизни на таких платформах, как Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn и других виртуальных сообществах.

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