Business plan template for digital marketing

Website, the most important pillar of e-commerce

The focal point of the project will revolve around the specific design of the website. The website will undergo a complete redesign and optimization based on the latest information, providing a user-friendly interface for effective communication between customers, managers, and users. This redesign aims to consolidate all information in one accessible location, essentially serving as the primary interface for both small and large-scale customers with the entire sales repertoire.

First phase: Enhancing customer accessibility in business development.

The customer data feed includes information on available products, product usage, ways of access and purchase, store locations, search centers, and after-sales services. This aids customers in establishing a sustainable relationship with the company for product sourcing, elevating their information base, and further extending our market reach. Satisfied customers will invariably attract more customers, and facilitating brand introduction can effectively convert individuals into loyal customers.

Second phase: Becoming visible and captivating customers through search engine recognition stands as the cornerstone of our online marketing strategy.

A failure to secure prominent search engine referrals could potentially derail the entire project. By meticulously optimizing and refining our website to earn high rankings from search engines, we have the opportunity to tap into an extensive and lucrative target market. Let’s ensure that our digital footprint shines brightly in the online realm, drawing in potential clients and fostering long-term connections.

Third phase: Analyzing keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for online.

It is imperative to thoroughly analyze and select the appropriate keywords, incorporating them seamlessly into the texts and articles. In essence, the digital marketing strategy hinges on the integration of these keywords to effectively guide customers seeking to purchase products or similar items in the online sphere to our website. By strategically implementing these keywords, we can enhance our online visibility and outreach, fostering a stronger connection with our target audience.

Fourth phase: Content creation is the differentiating factor that sets you apart from others.

Customers come across your produced articles or texts in response to their searches, marking the initial step in customer engagement. Absence of rich content, lack of optimization based on keywords for search engines, and the absence of customer-desired images or videos render your digital marketing platform akin to an empty box. It is imperative to curate compelling and informative content that resonates with your audience, keeping them engaged and fostering brand loyalty. This content acts as the driving force behind customer acquisition and retention, showcasing your brand’s unique selling propositions and building a lasting impression in the minds of your target market.

Fifth phase: Customer trust acquisition strategy.

It is crucial that the website vividly portrays the company’s personality, history, experiences, products, utilized technologies, and, overall, a comprehensive visual representation of the company. This aids customers in fostering a complete and well-rounded understanding of the brand, akin to placing trust in branded stores or street vendors selling products. The branding process should be tangible, ensuring that customers can confide in us, thus solidifying their loyalty and trust in the brand. This fosters a sense of reliability and credibility, thereby encouraging customers to engage and interact with our brand confidently and consistently.

Sixth phase: User-friendly website design for both users and customers. (UI/UX)

The website design should prioritize providing easy and swift access for customers. Website design is an ever-evolving and dynamic process, ensuring that the site remains optimized and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of users. Identifying potential pitfalls and rectifying them is crucial, ensuring that users can navigate the site with utmost ease and clarity, without encountering confusion or disorientation. By continuously fine-tuning the user experience, we can cultivate a seamless and efficient platform that fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Seventh phase: Utilization of appropriate plugins tailored to specific needs.

Apt plugins serve as tools constantly utilized by both website designers and site users. Customer-centric plugins, such as social media plugins, communication plugins, computational plugins, and graphic plugins, aid customers in establishing a friendly rapport with the site. Conversely, plugins such as sales plugins, reporting plugins, email dispatch plugins, and management plugins facilitate administrators or staff members in making the most of the available tools, streamlining operations, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the platform.

Eighth phase: Assembling the puzzle pieces to form a clear picture.

The final step involves establishing a connection between various social media platforms and the website. While the website serves as the main sales hub, other social media platforms will be tasked with directing customers to the website, channeling traffic and facilitating engagement. Displaying social media on the site and keeping customers updated play a vital role in maintaining an active and vibrant online presence. By seamlessly integrating social media and the website, we can foster an interactive and interconnected digital ecosystem that promotes brand visibility, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Pictures and videos, what you need

Production of images and videos and their centralization. It is crucial to prepare a repository of images and videos, including product images, consumer usage methods, customer satisfaction, organized events, sales personnel and arrangements, as well as general imagery that can enhance the customer information dissemination process. These resources should be readily available to the social media manager to ensure that we are well-equipped with necessary materials when planning advertising campaigns without encountering resource constraints.

Instagram Digital Marketing

Instagram, the popular digital marketing platform. Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most renowned platforms for digital marketing, and it’s unlikely that anyone is unfamiliar with it. Standardizing posts, having proper guidelines for creating posts and stories, ensuring timely and relevant updates, and directing customers from Instagram to the website are crucial aspects of digital marketing. Generating customer-centric content is key, and merely having aesthetically pleasing images is not enough. In fact, Instagram marketing has become one of the primary methods for product sales in the realm of digital marketing, with numerous sales units solely relying on this method to sell their products worldwide.

Facebook Digital marketing

Facebook, being the parent platform of Instagram, WhatsApp, and numerous other user-friendly platforms, holds significant importance in terms of content creation and user distribution across sites. Optimizing the Facebook platform properly, linking it to Instagram, and having appropriate content with backlinks can contribute to increased site visibility. Sales campaigns should be continuously executed through group memberships and with the help of personnel engaged in the system. This approach can greatly assist search engines in directing customers to the site.


Search Optimization


The most crucial and pivotal aspect of digital marketing, with the utmost significance, is the optimization of the website and all social media platforms with search engines, particularly Google. Apart from Google, which is the most widely used search engine globally, utilizing other Google services such as site ownership verification and request for analysis, Google Drive, Google Maps, and incorporating user reviews in Google Maps are of extraordinary importance in digital marketing.

Reporting and analysis

The reporting phase generally requires the use of installed plugins on the website. Additionally, specific data-driven goals and objectives can be employed, but generally, the reporting type should be consistent to fulfill two primary objectives. The first goal is to establish sales campaigns, development plans, cost control, and any other reports that pursue financial objectives. The second objective entails monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports that compare two or three or multiple reports against the standard of a year, providing insights into the changing trends. Typically, managers must select the standards or desired data for reporting once, following which the finance, sales, or any other team should generate reports based on those standards. However, standardized processes for generating these reports do exist, which can be effectively utilized to produce, process, and analyze reports. Essentially, one of the objectives of digital marketing is also to plan for information acquisition.


Կայք՝ էլեկտրոնային առևտրի ամենակարևոր հենասյունը

Ծրագրի առանցքը լինելու է կայքի կոնկրետ դիզայնի շուրջ: Կայքը ենթարկվելու է ամբողջական վերանախագծման և օպտիմիզացման՝ հիմնված վերջին տեղեկատվության վրա՝ ապահովելով օգտագործողի համար հարմար ինտերֆեյս՝ հաճախորդների, մենեջերների և օգտատերերի միջև արդյունավետ հաղորդակցության համար: Այս վերանախագծման նպատակն է համախմբել ամբողջ տեղեկատվությունը մեկ հասանելի վայրում, որը հիմնականում ծառայել է որպես հիմնական ինտերֆեյս ինչպես փոքր, այնպես էլ խոշոր հաճախորդների համար ամբողջ վաճառքի ռեպերտուարով:


Веб-сайт — важнейшая основа электронной коммерции

В центре внимания проекта будет особый дизайн веб-сайта. Сайт будет подвергнут полной переработке и оптимизации на основе новейшей информации, обеспечивающей удобный интерфейс для эффективного общения между клиентами, менеджерами и пользователями. Целью этого редизайна является объединение всей информации в одном доступном месте, которое по существу служит основным интерфейсом как для мелких, так и для крупных клиентов со всем репертуаром продаж.

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